About Us

We’re More Than Money Solutions.

At PLS, we believe that providing people with value, service and respect is just as important as offering helpful solutions. Founded in 1997 with this principle in mind, we’re determined to make a difference in our customers’ lives.

Since opening we’ve grown to over 300 locations in 12 states—expanding our impact across the country. It’s led us to be one of the largest and most recognized organizations in the industry.

The success of PLS is based on how we treat our customers and employees. Our dedication to bringing out the best the people has helped us thrive, and it’s how we’ll continue to run our business.

We’re Not Just Different, We’re Making A Difference

We’re PLS, a company committed to making life a little easier for people, by giving them helpful everyday money solutions and more. We listen to our customers’ needs and welcome them with what matters most—things like value, respect, service, peace of mind and 24/7 convenience, plus:

We're a Helpful Solution

  • Whether you need late night check cashing or a personal loan for emergency expenses, we’re here to help.

We're Invested In The Community

  • We’re extremely involved in the communities we serve, and we’re always looking for new opportunities to make an impact.

We Know That Your Needs Matter

  • We work hard to give every customer the service and respect they deserve, every day, every shift and in every transaction—24/7.

We do all of this Because You Deserve Better!®