PLS now Conveniently and Quickly Exchanges* Mexican Pesos and
buys most Foreign Currency at ALL our California Stores!

Foreign Exchange

Whether you're visiting Mexico or returning to the U.S., PLS foreign exchange services provide you with a quick and convenient way to buy or sell your Mexican Pesos. Our California stores now offer immediate exchange of Mexican Pesos up to $1,000 dollars per day. Make your travels hassle-free by having the local currency in your pocket. Have currency from another country? PLS will buy most foreign currency, such as Canadian dollars, Euros or Yen in exchange for U.S. dollars. Visit any of our California stores to learn more.

We offer:

Superior Customer Service

  • Many of our team members are bilingual and ready to assist you to exchange your Mexican Pesos at our California stores.
  • Customers can also exchange most foreign currency into U.S. dollars!

One Stop for your Convenience

  • PLS now offers Mexican Pesos at our California stores for immediate exchange in addition to our many other services! There's no need to return for a second trip to pick up your Mexican Pesos.
  • You can pay a bill**, cash a check, and now easily and conveniently exchange your foreign currency.

Convenient Locations

Have questions or want to learn more? Visit your neighborhood PLS Check Cashers location.

*The exchange rate includes a PLS commission.
**Bill pay fees vary based on the type of bill being paid. Visit a PLS Check Cashers location for bill pay fee information. PLS is an authorized agent of a licensed money transmitter.
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