Check Cashing

Cash checks for 1.99%*

It's easy to cash your checks at PLS.

Whether you need to cash checks, send a money order, or pay your bills, our friendly staff will help you get it done!  Cash your payroll, recurring government checks and PLS money orders for our NEW low rate of 1.99%*.

PLS cashes many types of checks, including:

  • Paychecks
  • Government Checks
  • Personal Checks
  • Out-of-state Checks
  • And More!

*A fee of 1.99% applies to cashing payroll checks, recurring government benefits, and PLS money orders. All other non-commercial checks are subject to a fee of 2.23%. A minimum charge of $1.00 applies per check. Pursuant to section 372(1) of New York Banking Law, rates for checks made payable to businesses vary based on several factors, and such checks may be cashed at rates up to 5%. Call or visit a New York Store for more information.

PLS Check Cashers of New York, Inc. is licensed by the Superintendent of Financial Services pursuant to Article 9-A of the Banking Law.
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